I'm doing a series of beach shoots. Going for stylish, artistic, edgy, sexy... somewhat along the lines of European fashion magazines... will be shooting anything from long flowing dresses and sheer materials. I also have a limited selection of gowns/outfits and accessories that might work, depending upon size. This one will be like Trashing the Goddess Gown.

I'm particularly looking for the Wet Look, so if the weather and waves cooperate, some of the shots will be taken in the water.
I'm looking for dependable, drama free, models 18 years of age or older, who are interested experimenting in order to come up with creative images. I'm looking for slender/fit models (with more of an artistic or editorial look than a glamour look). Nudity is not a requirement but most be comfortable wearing see-through or wet clothes.  I can provide more details to those interested.

The first shoot is scheduled for Sunday April 15th and the model needs to be in place and ready for pictures at 6:30am. If coming from Orlando, I can provide transportation. Those interested please PM here.

• BODY PAINT - Nuthin' butt love
Looking for a good few good females to photograph for my #nuthinbuttlove series.  The paint and shoot should take about 2 hours.  Your back side will be painted nude from halfway back through above the knee along with your arms from elbow down to hands.  The participants should be able to make a heart shape with hands.  It's a completely anonymous and fun.

• BODY PAINT - The Gold Project
Looking for female models between 20 and 26 who have green or blue eyes between 5'3" and 5'9" for beauty/art body paint project.  Must be comfortable being nude.